Q. Where do you hire equipment?

A. In the past Alluvial has rented equipment all over Western Australia, the Northern Territory and in Far North Queensland including the Tiwi Islands. However we will consider any location and be able to offer you a solution
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Q. How long are the rental periods?

A. There are no fixed periods for rental terms, so you can rent the units for as long as you like. We encourage a minimum rental period of 3 months; however, this may be negotiated depending of the locations of our unit and the location of your project.
Q. Does the accommodation come with a water supply?

A. All unit are capable of being connected to a mains water supply should one be available.
Q. Does the accommodation come with a generator?

A. All units can be easily connected to mains or generator power. Power can be supplied if required.
 Who is responsible for the maintenance of the accommodation?

A. Units are presented to renters in a clean and working order, so they are ready for use from day one. Once on site, general maintenance and cleaning of the facilities is the responsibility of the renter.
Q. Does the accommodation comply with mine site safety regulations?

A. Yes. All units have been built according to mine specifications and safety regulations.
Q. Are the units cyclone proof?

A. Yes. All units are ready to handle harsh Australian weather conditions. Each unit is built to Category 2, Region D specifications.
Q. How is the accommodation delivered to site?

A. The units are mobilised to site in either a road train or single configuration. If required, we can organise a quote for this to be carried out for you.